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-At FilmRx, our mission is to Recreate the World in which we live through the conscientious development
of Intellectual Property (IP) into Quality Entertainment products, goods & services, so
that it all works better for Everyone... Always!

By creating better entertainment through our propietary methodology
and advanced developmental techniques
which we have developed over the past two decades.

Our proprietary methodology is
The FilmRx Systemsm is a user friendly process for gathering a significant database of consumer related
information. Derived speci
cally from producer content. (ie. manuscrtipts , scripts, plays, books, stories etc.)

Devloped initially by the American Film AFPA in the late 1908s. it has become the standard template for the film and television industry in

developing CORE product but marketing, merchandising, and distribution throughout the Entertainment industry.

Our founders (David Wilson and Dr. Daniel Acuff)

Our founders with more than 75 years of expeerrience in the aggregate have created a failsafe system for deterrmining entertainment product viability in the marketplace
They have been diligent students of an industry that has grown over the past for 4 decades into a Trillion Dollar Global Business Generator. They have been actively engaged
in the ongoing development of the industry as it has consitently garnered double digit growth throughtout that period. The concepts that have been developed here at Film-Rx currently inhabit
every major studio and producer headquarters throughout the industry.

What does this mean?

While our primary interest is the development, production, marketing and
merchandising of quality entertainment products, our pure intention is that they
positively impact important issues in an entertaining way. However, as a major
consultant to "content providers and developers", our purpose is to assist them in the
creation and delivery of their movies and other entertainment products  to an
enthusiastic and eagerly awaiting audience . By designing, the open architecture using
interactive multimedia, we provide the People with a new value in the equation. In
fact, audience input becomes essential in the success formula .

By using our propietary tools
Script Development Profile and Virtecily Integrated and marketing and merchandising plan) we are able to construct a viable infrastructure
to completely
explore and positively
untapped commercial opportunities via Future Imapct Leveraged Marketing (FILM). Note: Given the current state of the art paradigm and technological development for
the forseeable future, we we believe the only time you will see the letters FILM from now on maybe in relationship to our processed.

to our work.
Whats more our results are guaranteed.

They are also being used by countless others in the new media  paradigm. The entire
entertainment world has seen the validity of our work and the viability of our
programs to improve their standing with the general public in the Global marketplace.
From the Internet, to your local movie house, to your home TV, PC, Ipod, PDA or
other player, our impact is being experienced every day.

Working in close assocation with project producers and their creative teams we address their concerns provide additional developmental support
and generate significant marketin information and projections that will provide leverage f

And a more cost evective prints and advertising campaign, a stronger position for primary release, and greater anciarlly marketing revenues from distributors.

And Tomorrow...
Stay tuned. We have only just begun to explore the possibilities.
We thank you for your interest, invite you to join us and look forward to creating...
The Future of Entertainment,

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